Who We Are

Event Midas is a Gaming/tech content platform based out of Singapore. We are an events company dealing with the IT, games and new tech start-ups in Singapore.

At Event Midas, our team share the same end in mind of creating events that bring crowds talking and mentioning about it after the event.

We will also work closely with partners and collaborators to meet their needs, preferences and budget, bringing the highest quality of experience, we will also contact the best network of suppliers, ensuring that our service is of satisfactory level.

We pride ourselves in understanding your needs and expectations, bringing gamers together and building a fun-filled community.

What We Do

Event Midas have extensive experience in the events industry. Communication is key, and we believe that through understanding your needs, budget and purpose, we will be able to deliver the event accordingly and successfully.

Through us, creating a frequent and inclusive community events, allowing companies to showcase/sell their product, create awareness, interact with the community and inspire young people.

All successful event begins with a clear brief followed by a schedule in order to plan and execute effectively.

Our team understands the natural cycle of events and have an instinctive ability to adapt to change and manage expectations.

Our Goals

Slowly but surely, we strive to be the leading Gaming and Tech Event Management in SEA, through creating frequent and inclusive community events. We hope to further the dream of casual gamers rubbing shoulders with the professionals often.

Through our cause, we believe that Esports in SEA will be made popular and accessible to the masses by us.